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Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

October fun! Jeremiah knew exactly what kind of pumpkin he wanted and did not understand what took the rest of us so long. Why we had to look all over the field to find a pumpkin when he found his so quickly was beyond him!
He also loved feeding and petting the animals but didn't understand why his daddy would let him free the chickens from their pens (he almost succeeded!). Jacob was his usual happy self - and a bit cocky on the horse. Who needs to hold on when you are pretending to be John Wayne? (or at least a Cowboy?).
And Darcy is just busy - my batteries died (note - ALWAYS make sure you have back ups!) but
she had a blast on the slides. I have more photos from the house coming later with cookie making and lots of flour throwing fun. Not to leave out the cookie dough eating fun...
(Hood up - Jacob, hood down, Jeremiah).

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