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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Amy's Book on my Dad's Tall Tales/and more

Book on left here is not the "Paw Paw" book but I wanted to include another of her works. Book Arts is an art - from the paper making to the book binding and a lot of things about which I know nothing. I just know I look at this one book and tear up a bit. I included the photo I'm glad I took about 2 years? ago know shortly before Daddy could no longer eat - he is no doubt offering Amy "advice". Once we finally got across to him why we wanted him to re-tell some of his stories near the end of his life he was very happy. Fortunately we had heard the stories so many times we really didn't need to hear them again because he wasn't really up to the re-telling but he knew Amy was writing them down. (He was also happy to hear Matthew come play for him on his Banjo.). Memories......One day we'll talk about these times again...

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Wild Homeschool Family said...

Her work is very beautiful.