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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Charles' Law Demonstration Fun

Ivory Soap floats - most people know that.
It's because it is full
of air. How do you get the
air (gas) out of the soap?
Heat! So today in
science (all 3 classes)
we heated slices of Ivory
soap in our microwave oven.
(Best smelling chemistry
experiment I've ever done!).
Use slices. A whole bar of
soap will fill your microwave
oven (and more?) - I didn't
want to find out. It takes
less than one minute.
It is a "wow - do it again"
experiment. The white foam
left over feels like well, foam.
There is not much soap
left. As you heat gas it
expands (Charles' Law -
Increase in temperature,
increase in volume).
It was a hit...


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Kristine said...

Well, this is quite cool!

I've been wanting to show my kids how to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water--butyou know me, it's been on my schedule for TWO weeks, and we haven't managed to do it yet...